Facilites and services of Fiesta Inn Cancun Las Americas Hotel in Cancun

There some new trends nowadays in what regards the planning of holidays and tourism. Now more than ever, people got tired of having their decisions made by a third person, decisions that regard the dates they will departure, the day and time, the means of transport, even the number of seat they will take, they will choose the hotel for you, the room you will take, the activities you will engage in, the tours included in your holidays, the places you will visit, and every single detail about your holidays. That is why, those people are trying to change this, and they finally did so. They have chosen to plan their holidays. They have chosen to decide. They have chosen to get on their own adventures. They have taken the lead. Join them, read this recommendation, and go along with the new flow. Today, I will discuss Facilities and services of Fiesta Inn Cancun Las Americas Hotel in Cancún.

This is one of the best hotels to organize business trips, because of the highly level and quality of the facilities of the hotel. Its spaces are ample, amiccable and comfortable, connected but independent at the same time, and they were designed to give creativity freedom, to enjoy working. Today, this hotel is a place that has reached success, fame and recognition.

The new Fiesta Inn Cancún Las Americas has the new restaurant La Isla, a space devoted to the tourist, to have a rich and practical snack, a source of energies, during the whole day long and in the modality you chose: buffet breakfast, grab and go, room service or special meals to take a break and breath while you enjoy the excellent quality of your meals. It also has an autoservice, a bar with drinks, both national and international.

The hotel has 152 guest rooms, public facilities, several functions, ample and comnfortable spaces to work in a nice place without distractions. The 360° lounge is where the restaurant is located, but you also the La Isla, B-on, the small store and the auto service section. In the hotel you will also find a fully equipped gym, jacuzzi, an olympic swimming pool, a snacks area at the side of a gym with a marvelous view of the lagoon or of the Caribbean. Besides, you will enjoy the exclusive room service 24 hours a day, wi fi access to the Internet. Cancún in its full expression.

This place in the Caribbean is just excellent to begin with this modality of holidays, enjoy the luxury and highly complete options to enjoy and just think that you are in a paradisaic place, and that there are no problems, no responsibilities, no routine, no schedules, no timetables.. the only thing you have is Mexico and your freedom. Good night. Good life.

Bárbara Auferil


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