Information about Cancun Hotel Zone Caribbean Sea

The best hotels of Cancún are all concentrated in an area, which has thus gained internacional recognition and which is the nucleus of the touristic spot. So, this means that if you want to look for an hotel to make the most of your holidays, then you can directly go to this place. Its name was not given in vain. You will find all types of hotels and accommodation, from houses that people rent to hostels, hostals, from one to five star hotels, boutique hotels, hotels with golf courts, hotels with spa and many more things. And, at the same time, these hotels and different modalities in what regards the regime of food, for instance there are bed and breakfast optiones, breakfast and dinner only or the famous and more convenient all inclusive hotel system, which means that by paying only one price you can have access to all the services of the hotel, such as the accommodation, food, drinks, restaurants of the hotel, bars and lounges of the hotel, activities, etc. Here I will give you some information about Cancun Hotel Zone in the Caribbean Sea.

The hotel zone is where you will find the most heavy concentration of beautiful beaches and touristic activities, and this is for what is it also famous for. This region is also named Isla Cancún. It has the shape of a seven point star, with a longitude of 23 km. The island is the place where the majority of the hotels and beaches are, besides you will find residential areas such as Isla Dorada, “Bay View Grand”, “Las Olas”, the golf course Pok ta pok and the entrance to the exclusive zone of Puerto Cancún, the most important and ambitious residencial place in the whole city, which is attached to the continent through three bridges, the Calinda bridge in the km 4, the Club Med bridge in km 20 and the Nizuc bridge in km 22. The hotel zone surrounds -in the interior of the seven- the lagoon system Nichupte, made by seven branches of rivers: Bojorquez Lagoon, Cuenca del norte, cuenca central, cuenca sur, río inglés, río del amor and the laguneta del mediterráneo.
The hotel zone is a fringe of white sand that goes along all the county and it is the main attraction of Cancún. From the north to the South you will find public famous beaches such as Puerto Juárez, PLaya de los Niños, Playa de las Pelas, Playa Langosta, Playa Tortugas, Playa Caracol, Playa Chac mool, Playa Marlín, Playa Ballenas, Playa Delfines, and Playa Nizuc.

As you can appreciate, this a zone quite famous, not only because of the concentration of hotels but also because it has lots of attractions such as a wide gap of beautiful beaches to go, and a lively nightlife. That is why I think this is a dynamic place to go, you can have fun with your couple, with your friends, with your family or by yourself. Mexico is gorgeous.

Bárbara Auferil


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