Calypso Hotel in Cancun, on Kilometer 4 of the Cancun Hotel Zone

Have you heard about the new trend in tourism? Well, if you have not, let me tell you a little bit about it to see if you like it. The thing is, nowadays, people who ar eregular travellers, do not like to have their schedules and dates pre arranged by a travelers agency, and thus they are more and more chosing to plan the trips by themselves so that they can freely choose the place where they will go, when they will go -date and time-, the means of transport, the place you will stay at -this means the accommodation-, the places you will visit, the tours you will buy, the activities you will engage in and every single detail of your holidays. No timetables, no schedules, no rushing…. only the freedom of being the owner of your days and time. If you think this is a great trend and you want to jump into the bandwagon, then do it, go ahead, here is some information about a hotel you may want to consider for your next trip: Calypso Hotel in Cancún, on kilometer 4 of the Cancún Hotel Zone.

The hotel Calypso is an excellent place to go to Cancún with your family. It has all the facilities that will make your trip an amazing one: comfortable guest rooms with spectacular views, a swimming pool with a swim up bar, a restaurant, a small comercial area and the beach clubs of the hotel. Its location in the city makes it be quite near of the main restaurants, nightlife, and of the commercial zones most famous in the famous hotel zone in Cancún. You can go tot he other in your own car as there is free parking slot. The hotel has 80 comfortable guest rooms which invite you to relax in a lovely atmosphere, where the customized attention is the main service they offer.

The hotel in Cancún is decorated in a rustic manner, with warm colors, which are more than ideal to forget about problems and just relax. Among the many facilities the hotel has, take into account th restaurant, but you can also ask for snacks and drinks, facilities for the disabled -includes adapted rooms and technical help-, safety box in the recepcion so that you can keep your important documents or stuff, currency exchange -better to have mexican pesos-, a beach club, doctor and medical services, laundry services and room service.

Whether if you go alone, with your couple, your friends, your family or whoever you have chosen, this is a great opportunity. You will not only discover that you have the power and the ability to plan some amazing holidays, but you will also find a moment to share with the person or people who are going to go with you. Take advantage of this and get together, plan, dream, chose, discover. Mexico is just an amazing place to begin your adventure. Take some courage, and take the frist step.

Barbara Auferil


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