Information about Benazuza Restaurant in Cancun

In Cancun you will find the Benazuza restaurant in the hotel Oasis Sens, that is an exclusive and refined hotel only for adults that is focused on your complete comfort and easing. Perfect for a romantic elopement or a honeymoon for its intimate and chic environment in Cancun Hotel Zone. The modern style of its facilities complements the natural beauty of the beaches of the Caribbean. This hotel, which is the only one that offers this concept in Cancun, has the Benazuza Restaurant and three refreshing swimming pools, a completely equipped spa, boutique, gymnasium, and even a library. In this restaurants and bar you will take delight with a gastronomic experience without equally, where the variety of flavors includes the ultramodern molecular kitchen. In this hotel also you will find rooms that are equipped with the last thing in technology multimedia for your entertainment. This is one of the best Cancun hotels.


Here you will find all the information about Benazuza Restaurant in Cancun. Enjoy this tropical paradise like always you have wished and leave you to consent for the nice hospitality of the personnel that will be available to make your stay a very pleasant moment. The sophisticated Oasis Sens is an exclusive hotel for adults, designed thinking about the total, ideal easing for a romantic leak or for those that look for an intimate place and a very chic environment and chill out. This property, which is the only one who handles this concept in Cancun, is located in the Hotel Zone between the impressive beauty of the Caribbean Sea and the Lagoon Nichupté. The restaurant tells with a modern architecture with splendid facilities that they include three swimming pools of which two are of infinite edge, besides a relaxing spa, gymnasium, boutique and library, as well as an attractive plan of food and drunk; all included in its seven restaurants like Benazuza with an arcoíris of flavors that includes the new molecular kitchen and nine bars.

In Cancun, you will enjoy of the Benazuza Restaurant in the Oasis Sens, that also offers comfortable rooms with the last thing in technology and multimedia. Some of them have balcony, while the suites have an agreeable terrace with swimming pool or private Jacuzzi, besides a spectacular sight to the sea or the lagoon. Benazuza is a restaurant gourmet close to the swimming pool that offers kitchen merger and serves breakfasts and dinners. The guests can enjoy drinks in the bar. It is necessary to reserve. A service of rooms offers 24 hours for the breakfast, the food, the dinner and night appetizers. Here you will enjoy of a wonderful place that have all that you need to pass the best vacations of your life with all the peace of the world. Do not miss the opportunity to spend a great time in this restaurant where you will taste the best food of Mexico.

Shirley Alvarez Bahamon


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