Tropical Cocktails in All Inclusive Hotels in Cancun

Warm lands full of generous and exuberant landscapes of tropical jungle, crystal clear water which allows us to look towards the bottom of the sea, and archeological sites, revealing the secrets of Mayan Culture, are the elements that make up the amazing place of Cancun. Its climate is nothing but perfect for those looking for some quiet summer vacations but who do not want to spend time thinking about the organization of the trip. How is this so? Because Cancun all inclusive packages provide tourists with everything they need at affordable prices, assuring them the chance of visiting this place without wasting neither money nor time. Besides, Cancun is the land for those who want to discover the flavorful cuisine of Mexico as well as its drinks and cocktails. Visiting Cancun, staying in an all inclusive hotel, and enjoying tropical cocktails and dishes in it is nothing but perfect for your next summer. Think about it.

Give yourself to the pleasure of eating and drinking without limits. Mexican cuisine incorporates a mixture of flavors that will surprise you. To begin with, there is indigenous cuisine, with ingredients that were kept untouched during thousands of years such as chillis, corn and beans. The region is famous for its tasty tamales and tortillas, filled with different ingredients such as pumpkin or beans, or even pork. Seafood is the protagonist of any menu there and it is a must for visitors in Cancun. Another delicious dish is made up of fish mixed with banana, beer and olive oil. It sounds weird, but you will definitely not regret giving it a try. Another delicious alternative is made up by curry shrimps. Quibes are another option – they are little baked corn balls filled with cheese or meat plus onions.

In order to chill out and refresh your body, you can try some cold coconut or orange juice, a must in any bar of any all inclusive hotel in Cancun. Another delicious cocktail that can be tried in all inclusive hotels of Cancun is chaya water, a local plant which turns out quiet nutritive for the human body. The Caribbean influence has provided Cancun with the usages of exotic fruits as the main ingredients for soft drinks, such as guayas, chicozapotes, pitahayas, nances, mameyes and guanabanas. In order to do a toast, you must definitely give the regional liquor a try, which is prepared with the woods rubber and honey.

As we can see, Cancun is nothing but the pearl of the Mexican Caribbean treasure. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, and it is definitely the best option for those who want to succumb to the pleasures of food, drinks, and special treatments at affordable prices. Cancun is the land of paradise, crystal waters, shopping, and even cuisine. It is definitely a destination which entails pleasures and relax, don’t you think?

Agostina Giacomino


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