Medical Tourism in Cancun

According to experts, medical tourism in Quintana Roo is boosting, but there are still many things that must be done. More than 10 years need to pass in order to witness how Cancun turns into a real member of medical tourism. This dreamlike paradise is preparing in order to get medical tourism, associations are starting to stimulate a good relationship between tourism and heath, two sectors that had been divorced until present, and now many hotel owners are meeting doctors and even places such as Vallarta and Mexico City are building hotels with hospitals in them.

Apart from the accommodation such as its all inclusive resorts in Cancun and surroundings, this area must include a number of adaptations in public services such as the airport in order to make the access of wheel chairs easier. Medical tourism in Cancun represents a potential number of 25 thousand patients coming into this destination per year; still, the Mexican government needs to keep on fostering this type of tourism and join efforts to advertise its services as well as destinations that can be visited by any kind of tourists. Apart from this, its local hospitals need to get the proper qualifications in order that tourists can get relaxed knowing that in any case they have a problem regarding their health, doctors in Quintana Roo will be the appropriate people to trust in.

It seems that there is a lot of interesting in the development of this type of tourism in the Caribbean since many Americans as well as Canadians choose to spend their vacations in Mexico as well as getting some facial surgeries. How is this so? Well, for these people surgeries are much cheaper in Mexico than in their homes, and this is the case of Tijuana, Nuevo León, Jalisco but Quintana Roo stills needs to work on that issue. Medical tourism in Cancun has a lot of future and potential, since if it were to be improved, it could be a strong competitor to other Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, Chile and Brazil, just to name a few.

Many different groups and travel agent companies are interested in bringing more visitors to Cancun, but hospitals need to get international authorizations in order to offer this service. The idea is to get more than 15 private hospitals in Cozumel, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen as ready as possible in order to start promoting this type of service in the international arena. The idea is to keep on growing this type of tourism until the number of travelers coming from the United States and Canada is over 4 thousand. The thing is that Quintana Roo needs to make its medical project a public one since it has good hospital installations but its services are not promoted.

Agostina Giacomino


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