Archeological Sites Hotels in Cancun

Although Cancun is not particularly known as an archeological site as Chichen Itza or Tulum, which used to be flourishing Mayan cities and are now deemed two of the most important archeological sites of the Yucatan area, it does have some interesting sites. The more relevant archeological sites are El Rey, Isla Mujeres, El Meco, Yamil Luum, and Pok ta Pok. If you are attracted by history and wish to experience the Mayan ruins, you should consider which resorts and hotels offer the best location for your visit. There are some archeological sites hotels in Cancun that boast privileged position as regards archeological sites.

El Rey, located right in the Cancuns hotel zone, dates from the 3rd to 2nd century BC. It is an imposing site because of the two main plazas it has, as well as two main streets when commonly Mayan sites only had one. The site is very peaceful and quiet and it is thought to have been a royal burial ground named originally “Kin Ich Ahau Bonil”, which in Mayan means “king of the solar countenance”, and it has also been connected to astronomical practices in the ancient Maya culture. Since El Rey is located in the hotel zone, you will find plenty of options of accommodation that put visiting this place at the reach of your hand. Among the resorts and hotels of Cancun that group together there are the Aquamarina Beach, Bell Air Collection Resort and Spa Cancun, Great Parnassus Resort and Spa, Ocean Spa Hotel, and many others world-class quality destinations.

Another archeological site, sitting only 5 miles across the bay from Cancun Hotel Zone, is Isla Mujeres. Isla Mujeres used to be a religious center dedicated to the Mayan Goddess of Fertility, Ixchel, and, in addition, it was used as a lighthouse for trading Mayan ships that traveled the coast road that linked Cozumel, Tulum and Isla Mujeres. If you are looking forward to touring this ancient site, you have two options: you can either stay in Cancun or in the island itself. Isla Mujeres is smaller than Cancun, but it also provides for a plethora of hotels and resorts including Avalon Reef, Isla Mujeres Palace, Villa Rolandi Thalasso Spa, Gourmet and Beach Club, Dream Luxury Beachfront Villa, among others.

Just at the north of Cancun, on the way to Punta Sam, El Meco ruins are located. El meco was a city of great importance in communication with Isla Mujeres, and it is considered to be the departure point for Mayas voyaging to the island and a crucial reference for coastal sailing. The site remains in very good conditions and a full visit takes two to three hours. If you want to visit this historical place, you should consider staying at the Sea Adventure Resort & Water Park All Inclusive, which is the resort that is closest to El Meco. The hotel offers a fun-packed experience for all ages combined with the luxury of enjoying one of the best Caribbean beaches, away from the hustle and bustle of the Hotel Zone of Cancun. However, if you still prefer staying in the Hotel Zone, you can rent a car or take a taxi to get to El Meco.

On the highest point of land of Cancun, lays the smallest Mayan ruins Yamil Luum, Mayan for “hilly land”. The site is lodged between the Westin Laguna Mar and the Park Royal Piramides, and consists of two small temples which use in the past is still uncertain, although since they are well above the beach it is thought that functioned as watchtowers or lighthouses. Logically, the privileged choices of accommodation to see the ruins are the Westin Laguna Mar and the Park Royal Piramides, both deluxe complexes that guarantee the maximum comfort for your stay. However, as the ruins are open for everyone to visit, you can select the hotel of the Hotel Zone or resort that best fits your needs and still you will be just steps away from this Mayan historic place.

Right in the heart of Cancun irst golf club, straight in Cancuns hotel zone, lays another archeological treasure of Mexico. The Pok ta Pok are 1,000 year old ruins of luminous sandstone which are incorporated into the golf course to challenge the abilities of golfers. If you are planning to visit the golf club, you should consider staying in any of the Cancun all inclusive hotel in Hotel Zone of this destination. Not differently from some of the other archeological sites, the Pok Ta Pok is conveniently located in the most popular accommodation destination, so you have a wide array of hotels and resorts to chose from.

All through the Mexican territory, you will find well-preserved sites of archeological interest to visit if that appeals you, and Cancun is no exception. Although there are no major ruins, some landmarks are really worthy of a visit in which you will have the chance to get to know more about the ancient and fascinating Mayan society. Consider including the above-mentioned archeological sites and choose staying in an archeological site hotel in Cancun, which will allow you to enjoy the sites to the utmost.

Estefano Sabino


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