Restaurants to Visit during Easter Holiday in Cancun: La Casa de las Margaritas

Have you booked your hotel in Cancun for the Easter Break already? Cancun is ready for the Holy Week action! Turquoise waves are already bathing the white sanded Caribbean beaches; tour operators have the packages ready and restaurants are melting, pouring, adding and removing novel ingredients to delight your palate.

Staying in the lively Hotel Zone will give you the chance to be at the spotlight and have everything within close reach. If you’re planning a shopping day in Cancun to buy your perfect Mexican souvenirs, I recommend you to pay a visit to Plaza La Isla Shopping Village right in the heart of the Hotel Zone.

Plaza La Isla Shopping Village

  • Plaza La Isla Shopping Village:

This incredibly beautiful mall is different from every other you’ve known so far. Located close to the Nichupte Lagoon, La Isla Shopping Mall boasts impressive architecture and design. More than 150 upscale stores, craft shops, entertainment venues, fine restaurants, stalls and even an aquarium and a Mexican Folk Art Museum are all lined-up along a beautiful canal with arched bridges crossing the clear lagoon. You’ll love it.

  • La Casa de las Margaritas:

If dinner time catches you by surprise while strolling the mall; among the many restaurants to visit during Easter Holiday in Cancun, La Casa de las Margaritas is a must-try if youre creaving for  an authentic Mexican dish. Meaning in English, The Margaritas’ House,  the name makes reference to the traditional “margarita”: a typical Mexican cocktail prepared with tequila, cointreau and lime or lemon juice either shaken with ice (margarita on the rocks) or blended with ice (frozen margarita).

This beautiful Hacienda-style restaurant offers a true Mexican décor and ambience in its four different sections. You can choose to savor your lunch or dinner in Los Patios (The Patios), La Fonda Santa Cecilia (Santa Cecilia’s Inn), La Capilla (The Chapel) or Los Balcones (the Balconies), surrounded by authentic Mexican handicrafts and Mariachi, Cielito Lindo, Jarocho and Marimba live performances starting at 7.30 pm every day.

The best flavors of both traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine are prepared marvelously by experienced chefs and served by lively waiters dressed in local customs. The prices are reasonable and I can assure you that the food is worth every cent you pay for it.

  • Top Favorites:

It’s hard to pick only a few favorite dishes at La Casa de las Margaritas because all of them are delightful, but some are generally ordered by tourists willing to taste the traditional Mexican flavors. The traditional starters include fajitas (of course) of all types- filled with chicken, grilled vegetables, mixed steak and chicken; Pastor tacos; lime and tortilla soup; and the star: Pork Tamale Starter (exquisite pork meat wrapped in a leaf and covered with a spicy sauce). Your entrée may consist of the exquisite Margarita Shrimp accompanied by garlic, crème and chipotle chile sauce.

  • Some Pluses:

– La Casa de las Margaritas features a great cantina open until midnight. Enjoy regional dances, music and cocktails at La Cantina de Margarito.

– Every Sunday, you can enjoy the Sunday Buffet serving Lime and Tortilla Soup, Quesadillas, Corn and Pork Soup “Pozole” and tacos.

– On Tuesdays and Thursdays, cooking lessons and tequila tastings are offered from 11 am to 2 pm.

Had you ever imagined that a restaurant could offer you so much? You can’t miss visiting La Casa de las Margaritas during your Easter Holiday in Cancun if you really want to smell and taste the real Mexican flavor. Happy Easter!

Cecilia Vittori
Image by: Flickr (author: W610 Guy)


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