Visit El Rey Ruins (Cancun) during Easter Holidays

It is known that Cancun, as one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico, has as many attractions as you can imagine in order to keep its tourists out and about each and every day of their vacations. In spite of the fact that many people think that Cancun only consists of beaches and sun, this dreamlike paradise is far more than that. Culture, nature, history – all of this combine to strike the perfect balance which keeps on captivating tourists from all over the word. Regarding the best time of the year, we must say that it does not matter when you are planning to travel – hotels in Cancun provide the best services all year long, and this is why many tourists choose Easter Holidays to do so. One of the main attractions which can be visited during Holy Week is El Rey Ruins (Cancun), located south Cancun downtown right in front of the Caesars Park and the love lagoon, quite near the Cancun International Airport.

leomtxwebmasterThis was the first archeologicalarea explored in this city, home to two main squares as well as two main streets. Its architectural style is similar to other Mayan temples such as Tulum, Xel-Há and El Meco; inside it we can find rests of original paintings and a niche where probably the head of a significant character was located. It is thought to be a real Mayan tomb which was originally called “Kin Ich Ahau Bonil”, meaning “King of the Sun”. these ancestral ruins were linked to astronomic practices in the Mayan culture – this is why they are called El Rey (the King).

Plenty of the objects which were once found in it are exhibited by the Archeological Cancun Museum.. According to specialists, this archeological area was an important ceremonial center which reached its splendor peak during the Pos Classical period. If you happen to visit it, you will have the chance of admiring the vestiges of the 3B structure, one of the most conserved ones in all Mexico.  El Rey ruins may have functioned as thecenter of a Little village mainly devoted to maritime commerce and other sea activities, since it is located in a privileged place which has Access not only to the Caribbean sea but also to the Nichupte Lagoon, traditional places where the Mayan may have fished in order to get their food.

These ruins are definitely a must for Cancun visitors; this is one of the different cultural spaces which this tourist area have and at the same time it is also the shelter of a huge number of birds and reptiles who have found protection within this site. As regards the ticket price, this is quite affordable and includes parking access, bathrooms and of course the expedition itself. Certified guides offer their services and the archeological museum of the city also offers guided tours for groups of students who want to know more about the pre-Hispanic legacy of the area.

Agostina Giacomino

Picture: Flickr (leomtxwebmaster)


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