Enjoy the delicious Sea Food Cuisine in Cancun

A splendorous sun, white sand, a turquoise sea and an intense nightlife are only elements which combine in only one place in the World – Cancun. But Cancun is far more than that. It is a gourmet paradise. Cancun is not only famous for its excellent options regarding infrastructure and restaurants, but also for its culinary tendencies combining recipes from all over the world. Just walk around the boulevard downtown and your appetite will be woken up by the scents and smell which inhabit the streets. Architecture, perfect ambiance, candles, Mayan elements, impressive sunsets, elegant decoration – these are some of the main characteristics restaurants in Cancun feature. Come and enjoy the delicious sea food cuisine in Cancun. It does not matter where you choose to go – each and every restaurant will leave you astonished.

  • 100% Natural. Tradicional cuisine is prepared in here. With tropical trees and a lovely patio, the restaurant provides its clients with a quite healthy menu based on fresh salads, natural jueces and delicious sandwiches. You will easily have access to one of the most famous avenues in Cancun -Yaxchilán.
  • Alfredo Di Roma. If you are fond of Italian cuisine, well then you will certainly love Alfredo Di Roma. Here all dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Service is fast and friendly and the atmosphere is absolutely vibrant.
  • La Almeja Borracha Marisquería & Bar. Right in the middle of Cancun you can find La Almeja Borracha, an excellent place to taste traditional seafood at reasonable prices. This place provides visitors with the ideal ambiance in order to chill out and enjoy a wide array of drinks, shots and cocktails. Do not forget to give the Almejazo a try, a shot of tequila with a seashell!
  • Axiote. Axiote is home to the most delicious Mexican recipes. Distinguished by its contemporary presentation and traditional flavors, the place features one of the most complete menus in the area.


  • Bandoneón. Its specialty is definitely the barbeque, tradicional of Argentinian cuisine. Enjoy the atmosphere, try some delicious meat and enjoy a tango show. Come and embark upon a truly south American experience!
  • Benazuza. With a wide variety of exquisite and singular dishes, the restaurant, located in the hotel Oasis Sens, invites you t olive an extraordinary culinary experience with a tempting menu to spoil all your senses. Come and enjoy vanguard dishes. The experience begins with the presentation, offering a visual stimulus, and comes to an end with a succulent explosion of flavors in the eater’s palate. Innovative, refreshing, surprising and fun, are some of the words that perfectly define this restaurant. Come and spoil yourself in this first class restaurant.

When it comes to food, options in Cancun never come to an end, andi f you think of something typical of Mexico, you should definitely visit La Habichuela, La Placita or La Parilla, featuring tradicional Mayan recipes. Needless to say, Cancun has it all and restaurants are no exception. Leave your luggage in your first class hotel in Cancun, stroll around the city and take a seat in any of its hotels and enjoy yourself.

Author: Agostina Giacomino

Picture: Flickr ( Jexweber.fotos)


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