Make Your Dreams Come True: travel to Cancun this summer!

Those who have visited Cancun will tell you that this idyllic destination is one of the best places you go to in your life. They, as well as locals, praise not only its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters but also its historical and cultural attractions. So there are many great places to explore in Cancun and in this article I will tell you something about them.

Beaches of Cancun

Along the famous Kukulcan Boulevard, the road part of the Hotel Zone where there are the most luxurious hotels in Cancun, you will find some of the most well-known beaches in the city. One of these beaches is Pearl Beach, which is located between downtown Cancun and the Nichupte bridge at the beginning of the famous Hotel Zone. In Pearl Beach, there are almost no waves there because it is protected from the open ocean by Women Island which makes it a safe place for young swimmers. Another great beach is Youth Beach in front of the Villas Juveniles hostel. Fortunately, this beach is a renowned spot for swimmmers, divers and snorkelers. What you have to bear in mind is that even though all beaches are public, the hotels are private property. However, some of them may provide entrance to the public to get access to the beaches.

Cancun - Rodrigo Accurcio (24 de Julio)

The Caribbean Sea

Archaeological Sites

Cancun is widely known as the entrance gate to the Mayan world since evidence was found in the area that indicates the Mayans lived there as far back as 1800 BC. One really famous archaeological site in Cancun is called Las Ruinas del Rey (The King’s Ruins). These ruins are located in the hotel zone just a few steps away from the Hilton Golf Club. El Rey, as it is commonly called, is known to have been the playground of the Mayans. Another important archaeological site is Chacchoben, which took its name after the village of the same name located a few miles away and which means place of the red corn in an ancient Mayan language. In 360 AD Chacchoben was a Mayan sanctuary in which Gran Basamento was the most significant ritual center. Nowadays, visitors can tour on its circular path to see three excavated and restored pyramids and many other things.

The Cultural Side of Cancun

Besides going to the beach and exploring old Mayan sites, you can visit different important and creative museums in town and out if town. One of the most interesting museums is the Tequila Museum located at the Hotel Zone on the second floor of La Europea store. This tequila center opened in 2010 and it has the mission to promote this alcoholic drink as a great heritage and as the national beverage of the country. In the museum, you will get to smell and taste different types of tequilas, learn about the elaboration processes (old and modern) and the history of the San Jose del Refugio Hacienda, the house with the finest tequila in the world. A second impressive museum is the Underwater Museum, which is close to the gorgeous Isla Mujeres and was created by the British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. He built eco-friendly statues which will turn into a reef in the future years.

As you can see, Cancun is not only one of the most beautiful destinations to visit but also a very interesting place. In the end of your trip, you will see it was worth spending money to get there. So dare to make your dreams come true and travel to Cancun this summer!

by Romina Nieto

Image: Flickr

Author: Rodrigo Accurcio


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