Do You Want to Go Shopping in Cancun? Visit the 2 Most Popular Shopping Malls

Throughout the years, Cancun has changed from a small fishing town into an impressive destination that attracts all kinds of visitors. In this evolution, different types of upscale shopping malls and designer boutiques were built in the city. So do you want to go shopping in Cancun? Visit the two most popular shopping malls.

La Isla Shopping Village

La Isla is one of the most impressive malls in Mexico situated at the Hotel Zone on Boulevard Kukulcan, where most of the best hotels can be found. This shopping mall is a magnificent open-air complex that neighbours the Nichupte Lagoon. Thanks to this, it gives a unique experience to both shoppers and visitors since it boasts navigable waterways and bridges which makes the mall looks like a typical Venetian construction. Besides the beautiful Venetian style, you will be able to find major international brands, national and regional restaurants and different types of entertainment. You can see walkways lined up with shops and restaurants across little canals (boat rides are also availlable through them) and there is a boardwalk along the lagoon itself. Among the wide variety of shops, you can get clothes and jewelry at Bulgari, Diesel, Guess, Nautica, Nine West, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, Ultrafemme, and Zara, as well as an important handicrafts store of Cancun called Casa Bonita. Furthermore, there is an interactive aquarium and dolphin swim facility, a movie theater, video arcade, and several bars, including La Madonna. And if you get hungry, you can taste local and international cuisine at Johnny Rockets, Chilis, Italiannis, Planet Hollywood, the Mexican restaurant La Casa de las Margaritas, and the romantic Thai Restaurant.

La Isla - BORIS G

Plaza Las Americas

Located in the downtown zone on the well-known Tulum Avenue, Plaza Las Americas is where locals mostly do their shopping. There you will find clothing (Sears, Zara, Del Sol, Benetton, Hang Ten, etc), sports, jewelry, shoe and department stores, a pet store, a nail salon, cafes and restaurants and even a supermarket. The food area is huge and there are many fast food dining options such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Cajun Grill, Italian Steak, Pizza Pazza, and many more. Moreover, if you love going to the cinema, stop by Cinepolis VIP. Even though it is small (it has only four theaters and each one holds only around 65 people), the service offered is exactly like the name of the cinema: VIP. The reclining seating is amazing, the screens are extra large and the food and drink options is incredibly varied (there is a full bar with sushi, pizza, popcorn and baguette sandwiches). Besides the VIP cinema, in the middle and at the end of every month, retailers set up tables outside their shops and offer their sale merchandise. Also, during the holidays several musicians play on the weekends.

As you can see, you can do so much more than just going to the beach and sunbathe in Cancun. Shopping is another interesting way to explore this city; moreover, you can get nice local products, clothes from international brands and the prices offered are usually very accesible for tourists. So do not miss visiting these two shopping centers and get ready to spend some money.

by Romina Nieto

Image: Flickr by BORIS G


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