Explore the Majestic Coral Reefs in Cancun and Its Surroundings

Incredible coral reefs in the Mexican Caribbean are one of the most astonishing natural creations due to their colorful beauty and their age. These reefs are some of the oldest in the planet, and they are located in the Ecuador in shallow waters which are warm enough in order to allow tourists to do different activities. Their basic structures are formations which seem to be rocks but which actually are conglomerates of small organisms called polyps. When they die, they elaborate an skeleton which develops a sort of peel with a new generation, which begins the creation of mountains, homes to thousands of fishes and different marine species. The process is quite slow and it has its own balance. In spite of the fact that these formations are home to hundreds of polyps, these organisms are incredibly sensitive to temperature changes. This is why massive interaction with humans has turned out quite damaging for them, and now scuba diving instructors advise visitors to avoid contact with them.

Mexico and specially Cancun is a must when it comes to choosing where to spend some warm vacations. Book a room in one of the so many first class resorts and hotels in Cancun and explore everything the city has for you. Needless to say, diving is one of the most popular alternatives when it comes to doing something which involves water as well as fun. The main attractions here are the coral reefs, where thousands of fishes swim in front of your goggles. Coral reefs in the coast of Cancun and near Cozumel surprise even the most experimented divers. Either if this is your first time or you have already done it several times, exploring these coral reefs entail a memorable experience you will never forget.

Diving in Cancun natural wells is also another important attraction. Crystal clear, fresh water hidden in labyrinths with submarine caves is waiting for you. For authentic adventurers –that is, only intermediate and expert divers- the Sharks cave is a must. Here you will have the chance of watching these incredible beasts having a rest. Beginners can stay in Cancun beaches and admire the great variety of tropical fish and coral reefs which inhabit these safe waters.

There are many different marines and scuba diving schools offering complete lessons, certifications and journeys in the area. Diving in Cozumel, Cancun and its surroundings is something you cannot miss in case you happen to visit them. Different shops will provide you with the equipment needed and of course, in some cases you can even rent it at quite affordable prices. No excuse is valid – Cancun and its coral reefs are waiting for you! Come and live it to the most.

Agostina Giacomino

Picture: Flickr (Hilario Ortigosa Monteoliva)


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