Panuchos and Salbutes, Traditional Delicious Nibbles In Cancun

In spite of the fact that Mexico is popular for its tacos and seafood, there are some other delicious nibbles which are worth giving a try when visiting this Latin country. These are the panuchos and salbutes, traditional recipes which are offered in any hotel in Cancun. Either choose to eat them in your resort or venture into the streets and choose some of the different restaurants downtown in order to enjoy yourself with an incredible feast!

SALBUTES. They are quite similar to the tasty Mexican tacos; after spending a whole night clubbing, give salbutes a try. Originally created in the state of Yucatan, the salbutes are made with wheat, and they are quite similar to the traditional pancakes. After these are ready, they are covered with all kinds of meat, spices, vegetables, cream, and special sauces as well as cheese.

PANUCHOS. They are eaten as if they were toasts. Similar to our traditional breakfast, these crunchy delicious fried panuchos are also covered with all kind of ingredients, but if I were you, I would use onion in order to give them a special touch.

COCHINITA PIBIL. This is another traditional nibble in this area, highly influenced by the Mayan culture. This is roasted pork with juice, covered with banana peels. Most Mexican restaurants prepare them and they can be eaten in different ways.

Alberto Correu

Now you know. If you really want to give authentic Yucatan cuisine a try, come to Cancun, spend some great days during your vacations, and have a feast with these three delicious nibbles!

When on vacations, everybody fancies eating out, forgetting about our routine and embarking upon the unique experience of giving exotic food a try. Cancun is no exception and this is why this town is ready to provide you with incredible meals belonging to the Mayan cuisine which will spoil your palate.  Apart from the salbutes and panuchos, you can opt for the lime soup, which is prepared with chicken, toasts and lime. Another great option are ceviches, which is made with octopus or any other fish. Its recipe includes lemon, onions, herbs, and tomatoes. Have you ever tried fish tacos? Well, this is possible in Cancun. Delicious tacos are prepared in any restaurant here, and they can be enjoyed at affordable prices.

El Pocito is a great restaurant, where friendly people will provide you with a whole list of traditional nibbles. The ambiance is quiet, clean, and of course, waitresses will welcome you dressed in traditional Yucatan clothes. Emara is another alternative which specializes mainly in nibbles, and it is ideal for those who are on vacations with their families due to its cozy atmosphere. Labna is another great choice when it comes to eating out in Cancun; located downtown, these restaurant is a little bit more stylish than the other two, but still prices are quite cheap and the food is nothing but delicious. Come and make your own choice, but spoil yourself with traditional nibbles in Cancun!

Agostina Giacomino

Picture: Flickr (Albert Correu)


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