Tourist attractions in Cancun during Easter Holidays

There are so many different attractions in Cancun for tourists that the hardest part for them is deciding what to do first. The capital of the water sport world has everything you can imagine under the hot Caribbean sun. There are different tours to tourist places such as the jungle, snorkeling, practicing some ski, scuba diving and even fishing. The rich history of Mexico is pervasive all over Cancun; near it you will find perfectly restored archeological sites, including Tulúm, Chichen Itzá, Kohunlich and Cobá. Discover the beauty of nature in the parks of Xcaret, Xel-Há and Tres Ríos or meet the crocodiles in Crococun. All this and other Tourist attractions in Cancun during Easter Holidays will be waiting for you! Don’t even hesitate and book your accommodation in any of the so many different hotels in Cancun. By now, let’s check some of the best activities available for you and your family:

1) Water Activities

Different Hotels located right beachfront have different water activity centers offering plastic boats, kayaks, sailors, and snorkeling equipments among others. The quiet Nichupte Lagoon is also part of all this, but let me tell you that the most popular activity in this lagoon is the Jungle tour. Go sailing on a little boat for two people through the jungle and find yourself snorkeling. This type of tours generally lasts two hours, the perfect time for those who have counted hours.

2) Scuba Diving

As the leader scuba diving destination, Cancun has different options to satisfy all types of tastes, from reefs in the open sea to scuba diving in wells and subterranean caverns. Spoil yourself watching the wonderful submarine fauna composed of thousands of colorful tropical fishes and miles of coral reefs. One of its most valuable treasures is the Mayan Reef, the second largest in the world after the great Australian Barrier. Some of the best reefs in Cancun are the Flags and El Bajito ones.

dMap Travel Guide

3) Excursions On Board

A wide range of boats and ships sail along the Nichupte Lagoon, Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy and other dreamlike tourist places available all day long from Cancun. Modern engine yachts, catamarans and even old embarkations can take you to the middle of the sea to sunbathe or snorkel on its crystal clear beaches. Some of these tours include continental breakfasts, meals and a shopping tour. Night cruises go to Isla Mujeres, far away from the town in order to admire some Caribbean shows which usually include buffet dinners and happy hours.

4) Parasailing

Another thrilling activity which can be done in Cancun is the famous parasailing which can be found in most beaches of this Mexican paradise. Put your equipment and admire the different blue colors of the sea and the hustle and bustle of the Beach. Enjoy admirable views of the Hotel area while the marine breeze touches your face. Live the most amazing vacations ever!

Agostina Giacomino

Picture: Flickr (dMap Travel Guide)


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